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Geo: we supply agricultural implements since 2007

experience and innovation at your service

Company GEO was born in 2007, from a valiant effort and  innovative idea.
The project adopted a new method of marketing of agricultural machinery in Europe with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Studying, design, research and product improvements are made ​​in Italy by skilled technicians, whereas the production is displaced where the workforce has lower costs than in Europe.

Thanks to the technical contribution of a professional and tight-knit team, and thanks to GEO engineers sons , and the long-lasting experience in the field of agricultural machinery developed by Giovanna, in a few years GEO has won the confidence of a lot of Italian and foreign customers, offering products with excellent value for money.

One of the strengths is the wide availability of machines ready for delivery, stocked in 12.000 square meters, of which 5.000 are covered, which allows the company to quickly dispatch customer orders.
Thanks to all these elements, in 2011 GEO has reached the goal of 7.000 annual machines, of which 90% designed to foreign markets and 10% in Italy.

Despite that, the ambitions of the company and its staff have maintained a desire of continuous improvement.