S 21

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“S21: shoulder sprayer equipped with a 52cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine with the dual function of atomization and pulverization, usable with liquids and powders, and suitable for pesticide treatments, manure, leafage and more. Multifunctional, easy to use and wear, ideal for medium and small cultivations, or for crops where it is not possible to arrive with classic tractor mounted sprayers.

Engine secured to the frame of the backpack thanks to the sturdy rubber anti-vibration that minimize the vibrations transferred to the operator, increasing the comfort of use.

The 21 liter tank and the handy weight (10,5 kg) allow to safely carry it to the shoulder without excessive effort.”

Mod. Cod. Kg Liters Engine Price (€) - excl. VAT
S 21 20.21.1 10,5 20 52 cc 215,00